Baghdad,Karrada, Al-Masbah street, next to the Islamic cooperation bank

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Behar Al-Almarjan Company was established in 2009 under the Iraqi Companies Establishment Law and has acquired Characteristic of distinction among companies with the testimony of factories, banks and financial transfer companies. The company was also distinguished for its integrity. Dealing with customers and the rest of the companies, and gained the trust of customers through the healthy business environment it provides, Since i'ts inception, the company has specialized in importing high-quality and efficient electrical and household appliances. Most of the company's products are from the finest international origins Korea, Malaysia, China, Egypt and Turkey. The company has agents spread in all governorates of Iraq, through which it secures the arrival of the company's products to all areas of Iraq. Behar Al-Almarjan aims to sustainable growth and cover a larger area in the Iraqi market. It also aims to increase the trust built between the company and its agents by providing the best services and using the latest methods through which it facilitates the arrival of the company’s products to customers with a high flow. The company also aims to continuously grow in the volume of Business to cover the company's market share requirements. The company aims to continuously improve in all its departments (purchasing, sales, after-sales services) in order to reach the best. Behar Al-Almarjan Company deals with the leading company in the field of industry and Korean Technology, Behar Al-Marjan seas company It is the exclusive agent in Iraq for Hyundai electrical and household products. Behar Al-Marjan offers a variety of products with Quality and high efficiency, which covers the requirements of the Iraqi house.

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